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Vision kiosk MAKRO

Communicate in the best place before the act of purchasing

VISION KIOSK is an in-store Digital signage network. It is a Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) tool used to spread your media campaigns at the entrances of retailers. Today, our media network is available in 6 Makro POS on 7 screens. 

The Vision Kiosks are located near the entrance of the point of sale. They are unavoidable and make an impact!  The consumer cannot pass the digital signage unseen. The impact of this communication DOOH is enormous: 100% reach of the visitor flow. Each kiosk is a double screen totem. The totem is strategically placed to attract the attention of the entire visitor flow.

On the top is a large 55-inch HD screen for broadcasting advertising and promotional messages with guaranteed impact. Thanks to this screen, you can enjoy a high-quality advertising space just before the customer enters the store. At the bottom you will find the CASH KIOSK, an interactive screen along which the consumer can print a Makro day pass, among other things.

With our programmatic system, we can deliver the right message at the right moment. 

  • 6 Makro POS 
  • 7 screens
  • 100% reach of visitor flow
  • Duration of the campaign: 1 week of communication

Market insights

  • 66% of consumers feel closer to a brand that communicates in-store*
  • 1 out of 2 customers is influenced by in-store communication, signage and animation within a POS **
  • 46% of consumers believe that point-of-sale communication is the most useful ***

*LISTEN "Consumers' perception of promotion" 2017
**Club Digital Media
*** ASUS 2016 - Arbitron


57,750 spots broadcast per campaign
70,000 RPP
82,790 impressions
Strategic location of the screen at the entrance to the shops
100% of traffic flow
DOOH Media network
Dynamism of the interactive kiosk
Impact of in-store Digital Signage
Creative opportunities for advertising