Vision Line

Reach your customers at the checkout

Reach your customers in a really optimized way at the checkout. Advertise on the display (top space) of a vision line present on the conveyor belt that separates one customer’s items from another customer’s.

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2 mio reach per week

Vision Line?

  • Exclusive message exposure at the checkout
  • Your campaign, directly in the hands of the consumer
  • Guaranteed exposure and engagement  
  • Provides a powerful advertising boost 
  • Makes your product/brand top of mind 

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A vision line separates one customer’s items from another customer’s at the conveyor belt. With this network, you can reach your customers in a really optimized way at the checkout. This network offers a seamless and captivating way to showcase your products. Whether you're highlighting new arrivals, new packaging or promotions, our displays ensure maximum visibility and engagement. 






Ensure your message is short and clear by featuring only essential information and visuals. Embracing minimalism enhances the effectiveness of your product presentation and elevates the overall customer experience.

Advertise 2 or 4 weeks on the top space of a vision line present on the conveyor belt at a selection of Carrefour stores.

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