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With the help of more than 420 specialised merchandisers, we take care of your field operations. Our teams of project leaders and supervisors coordinate all your campaigns - from briefing to reporting. As a result of our weekly presence at over 2.500 points of sale, we can optimise costs and guarantee you the best rates. Merchandising ensures that your product has the best visibility and maximises sales in-store. All our merchandising expertises allow you to be involved and to maintain control over the promotion of your product at the point of sale (remodeling, technical merchandising, sales ambassador, rack-jobbing, putting a planogram into practice, etc.). Our teams look after your product’s image on the shelf for a ‘Perfect Store Execution’.

Active in
2.500 POS/week

120 merchandisers
and up to 300 freelancers

Flexibility and
cost efficiency

Latest IT and
reporting tools


Analysis of your product in its in-store environment

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Fully integrated logistical management of your goods and services

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Operational merchandising

Increase your visibility in-store and get more out of your sales

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Sales drive

Additional ambassadors to empower your sales team(s)

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Technical merchandising

Technical team of experts at your service for specific projects

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