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Vision Move campaign

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Coca Cola vision move campaign

For Coca Cola, it is important to extend national campaigns to the point-of-sale as part of their 360-degree communication plan. It is important as a brand that shoppers see your campaign everywhere. Before he goes shopping but certainly also during his shopping visit. This is why Coca Cola opted for a vision move campaign in a selection of stores: to highlight its 'Best Coke Ever' campaign instore.


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Vision move campaign

Vision move is a strong tool because the shopper interacts with your brand and campaign throughout their shopping journey. If you compare that to other media or tools, it's also for a considerably long period of time... You just can't ignore it, unlike other media /tools where you quickly walk by or can scroll away. Vision move is also an ideal tool to inform shoppers and to stimulate impulse purchases.


Brand awareness & sales uplift

With eye-catching visuals and compelling messaging, the brand experienced a significant uplift in product awareness and sales. By integrating seamlessly into the shopping experience, they were able to forge a stronger connection with consumers.

Vanessa Di Rella

Shopper Activation Manager Home
Channel Coca Cola Europacific

Unlock the full potential of our in-store media: floor signs, totems, affichage panels, supermarket carts, .... They are the perfect link for your communication campaigns and trigger emotions at the crucial moment of the purchase decision.

Vision move is a powerful tool that engages shoppers with your brand and campaign throughout their shopping journey. This tool offers consumers long-term exposure they cannot miss. It is therefore ideal for stimulating impulse purchases and informing shoppers.

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