Cash Point

Boost your sales and increase your market share

Place a booklet of discount vouchers (coupons) on the shelf in front of your product in combination with a side flag. Cash Point campaigns are exclusive and can be customised. Did you know that in-store couponing remains the most effective promotional tool for consumers? And, even though retail may be evolving, the point of sale remains the strongest point of contact between products and consumers. 

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29,6% of placed coupons are taken

Cash Point?

  • Product category exclusivity
  • Stopping power
  • Brand switching
  • Recruitment
  • Sales uplift

Explore our FAQ

Responsible editor: name of contact person and/or name of company and address
The amount of the discount in Euro
TVA incl. VAT
Description of the offer: specify in case of purchase of which products and for which quantity the discount applies
Offre non cumulable/Aanbod niet cumuleerbaar
Validity date (min. last day of the removal week)
The GCN code (bar code equivalent to the discount given)

Provide a bleed of at least 5mm
Each coupon must be bilingual, 1 single version in FR/NL
The minimum quality of the packshot is 300 dpi
The products illustrated on the coupon must be part of the product range in the chains where they will be
placed. If not, the action can still be refused
Do not place text/logos in the top bar (15mm from the top edge)

For more information on the creation of a GCN code, please contact HighCo DATA via e-mail: or via telephone: 02/352.01.85 or via website:

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