An efficient promotional platform of retailer Carrefour

The platform bundles different types of Carrefour promotions: savings offers, games and contests. Customers can register easily and for free with their Carrefour Bonus Card. They can win Bonus points and gifts. The community currently has 593.000 registered and active consumers. This is growing thanks to our recruitment campaigns specifically linked to the platform.

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Consumer engagement for brand loyalty

Bonusland solutions:


A unique refund system in Belgium

Why Bonusland Cashback campaign?

  • In-store & online activation to increase volumes
  • Cashback solutions attract new consumers
  • A way to try and discover your product for free or with a substantial refund
  • 100% secure and based on real in-store purchases
  • No need to upload a receipt
  • Automated refund within 15 days



Surprise your customers with a great savings campaign

Why Bonusland Savings campaign?

  • In-store & online activation to increase volumes
  • Saving campaign solutions attract new consumers
  • Increases sales over a longer period and contributes to brand loyalty
  • 100% secure and based on real in-store purchases
  • Help you activate your products around an attractive theme



Gamify to retain customers

Why Bonusland Gaming campaign?

  • In-store activation via an Info Point + Bonusland newsletter
  • Relay to your online game via a QR-code
  • Powerful customer experience within the universe of your brand
  • Option: e-coupon, purchase obligation module,… or prizes to win



Engage, retain and reward consumers thanks to a contest

Why Bonusland Contest campaign?

  • In-store activation via an Info point  + Bonusland newsletter
  • Relay to your Online Contest via a QR-code
  • Online contest: MCQ
  • Rewards: according to you choice
  • Option: e-coupon, purchase obligation module,…

Why a
Bonusland campaign?

  • Loyalty program since 2020
  • Exclusive program for Carrefour group (Belgium)
  • A 100% secure platform
  • Benefit from a community of 593.000 members
  • Communicate your campaign online (email sent to 280.000 optins) as well as in-store
  • Participating is possible in just 1 click

Explore our FAQ

Bonusland is Carrefour's loyalty program designed to reward customers for their continued support and purchases at Carrefour stores. It offers various benefits and exclusive rewards tailored to your shopping preferences.

Participating brands can benefit from increased brand visibility, access to a large and diverse customer base, the opportunity to promote products through targeted marketing campaigns, and the ability to track and analyze consumer behavior and preferences.

Brands can offer a variety of promotions through Bonusland, including discounts on products, bonus points for purchases, gaming, contests, cashback actions, savings and exclusive product bundles. The type of promotion can be tailored to suit the brand's objectives and target audience.

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