Relay to a personal shopperbot to inform your consumers

In-store activation near your product or on caddies via a personal shopper bot. The integration of a QR code allows consumers to access a WhatsApp page. This exchange is pre-formatted (MCQ) and allows your consumers to answer a few questions to find the product that meets their needs. Create a stronger customer engagement thanks to this solution.

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60% of shoppers are looking for the right product info in-store

Why a

  • In-store activation near your product with a QR-code
  • Engage with your customer via WhatsApp
  • A pre-formatted (MCQ) to direct customers to your product
  • Share your brand love within the shoppers community
  • Unique relationship with the customer
  • Advice for targeted sale of a product that meets the customer's expectations

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A Shopperbot is an innovative virtual assistant designed to enhance your shopping experience. It provides personalized recommendations, product information, and assistance to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Simply add a QR code to an in-store support tool such as a shelf divider. When scanning the QR code with your smartphone, consumers will be connected to the Shopperbot interface. Additionally, they can interact with the Shopperbot via WhatsApp by sending a message to the provided number, enabling seamless assistance instore.

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