Vision Scale Cover

Advertise in one of the most visited places at the supermarket

When consumers visit the supermarket, they first buy their fruit and vegetables and then the rest. They often find their inspiration within this area, after which they buy the rest of the ingredients. So why not advertise on  a cover (25 x 20 cm), placed on a large number of scale displays ! This solution offers a great opportunity for cross selling. 

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This solution offers a great opportunity for cross selling

Vision Scale Cover?

  • Cross selling opportunity
  • Generates traffic towards your product
  • Big exposure and engagement with your message
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Sales uplift

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With our vision scale cover network, you captivate shoppers' attention as they weigh their products with strategically placed advertisements that demand attention. This solution offers a great opportunity for cross selling.

The cover has a dimension of 25 x 20 cm.

Use a short message with a clear packshot.

We offer a 2 or 4 weeks campaign on a cover placed on scale displays, within a selection of Carrefour POS (hyper + market integrated, market franchised).

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