Vision Totem

Outstanding eco-friendly display

Communicate on a sustainable display that is reusable, easy to move and produces less waste. This eco-friendly display, replaces the single use cardboard displays. A cardboard sign with your artwork will be placed along both sides of the totem. With the agreement of the retailer, the totem can be placed at a strategic location of your choice.

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+15% incremental sales

Vision Totem?

  • Very flexible system
  • High visibility of your campaign near your product
  • Provides a powerful advertising boost 
  • Strategic location for a better visibility 
  • Positive contribution to an ecological footprint: less waste of cardboard

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With strategically placed totems in high-traffic areas, your brand message gets noticed by shoppers actively seeking products.

Shelf Service offers a 2 weeks campaign within 40 Carrefour hyper and 43 Carrefour market. A cardboard sign with your artwork will be placed along both sides of the totem. 

You can incorporate compelling visuals, calls-to-action, and branding elements to capture the attention of shoppers.

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