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A shelf divider is a very eye-catching tool and dominates the aisle. Your brand will gain instore visibility with this on-shelf communication solution. Advertising in front of your facing is the final opportunity to seduce consumers, more commonly known as last metre communication. 

A shelf divider can be fully customised: long format, movement, product insert, special cutout or even in 3D. Shelf Divider campaigns can be used to communicate about: new products, promotions, new packaging, reductions, …

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10mio potential reach

Why a

  • Large area of communication
  • Stopping power
  • Increases instore visibility 
  • Highlights your products on the shelf
  • Last opportunity to seduce consumers and tell them your brand story

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Using a shelf divider campaign in-store offers brands a targeted way to grab shoppers' attention right at the point of purchase. By strategically placing promotional messages or branding on shelf dividers, brands can effectively influence purchasing decisions, highlight specific products or promotions, and enhance overall brand visibility within the retail environment. It's a direct and impactful method to engage with consumers while they are actively considering their purchasing options.

You can create an instore digital interaction with shoppers by adding a QR code to your shelf divider campaign: you can choose for the following digital campaigns: Cashback, Cashback WhatsApp, E-coupon (Festival - Print@home), Gamification, Contest, Rating, Shopperbot.

We can install a shelf divider campaign in various FMCG retail chains. Contact us for a customized quote.

You can choose the length of a shelf divider. This often depends on your products' facing on the shelf. The existing dimensions are: 12x15 cm - 12 x 30 cm - 12 x 40 cm - 12 x 77 cm. The most common size is 12 x 40cm.

Keep it simple: Opt for a clean and clear design that communicates your message effectively without overwhelming shoppers.

Branding: Ensure that your shelf divider reflects your brand identity through colors, logos, and typography to enhance brand recognition.

Focus on visibility: Design with contrasting colors and high-quality graphics to make your shelf divider stand out amidst other products.

Provide information: Include essential product information or promotional details to inform and engage customers at the point of purchase.

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