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In-store Couponing

When it comes to couponing, Belgians are the European champions

In 2016, consumers saved over €120,000,000!

According to Listen’s perception study carried out in May 2017, both traditional and digital couponing are the most valued and most frequently used promotional tools by consumers. The POS remains the strongest point of contact between products and consumers.

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Coupons position a brand in a positive way on a constantly evolving market.

  • 58% of consumers are obsessed with discount vouchers (promotional offers).
  • 60% of consumers would be encouraged to change brands because of a discount voucher (brand-switching).
  • 53% of consumers associate a brand that offers discount vouchers with a brand that compensates its buyers.

Couponing is an essential tool for reaching your goals: sales increase, recruitment, customer loyalty and brand-switching.