Cash Kiosk - Carrefour - Digital couponing

Cash Kiosk

Leads the customer towards your products due to printed coupon

CASH KIOSK is a digital, printable discount voucher, which can be printed at an interactive kiosk. Our kiosk network is installed at the entrances to Carrefour POS locations. Consumers can print the coupons they wish to redeem.

The coupon redefines itself in this new era where digital meets traditional media. The in-store Cash Point actions are available on the lower screen of the kiosk, called the CASH KIOSK. Sharing the same benefits as the Cash Point, the CASH KIOSK can print 5,000 coupons during a campaign. This first in-store point of contact makes life easier for your customers who can find their favourite discounts on a single screen. This will help them reach your shelves.

Market insights

  • 39% of consumers are ready to adapt their shopping lists as a result of promotions*
  • 60% of consumers would be encouraged to switch brands**
  • 150,000 printed coupons / month***

*Weber Shandwick, February 2017
**LISTEN "Consumers’ perception of promotion" 2017
***Cash Kiosk + Bonus Card coupons - October 2019



Large network: 94 POS Carrefour = 40 Hyper + 44 Market + 10 Mestdagh
Interactive kiosks: 132 screens
1st point of contact in the shop
Stopping effect with the vision kiosk - attentive audience
Customer autonomy and positive experience
One-stop coupons
Accessible for all customers
Targeted marketing
Generates traffic towards your products
Fast implementation of your offer
Carrefour Services (loyalty card, coupons, €5 cheques, plan, satisfaction surveys)