Cash point - reduction - couponing - in-store promotion

Cash Point

Increase your customer’s satisfaction with our promotional solution

CASH POINT is a booklet of printed discount vouchers (coupons) placed on the shelf in front of your product. CASH POINT campaigns are exclusive and can be customised. 

Shelf Service has been a pioneer in couponing (discount vouchers) and the Belgian leader in the sector for over 25 years. HighCo Data's survey demonstrates that in-store reduction remains the most effective promotional tool. And, even though retail may be evolving, the POS remains the strongest point of contact between products and consumers. 

This method is ideal for couponing, price-cuts, cash backs, last minute reductions, display coupons,…  

Market insights

  • 92% of consumers prefer to do their shopping at a physical POS*
  • 67% of all purchasing decisions are made at the POS**
  • Millions of people visit an FMCG retailer every day

*LISTEN "Consumers' perception of promotion" 2017 
**POPAI 2015 

Why Cash Point?

Boost purchases and increase your sales
Recruit new consumers
Positive perception by consumers, they feel rewarded
Flexibility of the couponing offers (retailers, timing, language,…)
Last minute sales in-store
Exclusivity on the shelf in your product category
Coverage: Belgium and Luxembourg
FMCG retailers (food and non-food)