eco-friendly way of communicating


Promote your brand on an eco-friendly way

Looking for a new way of promoting your brand in-store on an eco-friendly way? Search no longer! Communicate from now on, on a sustainable display that is reusable, easy to move and produces less waste. This eco-friendly display, replaces the single-use cardboard displays. We offer a 2 weeks campaign within 40 Carrefour hypermarkets. A cardboard sign with your artwork will be placed along both sides of the totem. Each POS will have 1 totem at your disposal. With the agreement of the retailer, the totem can be placed at a strategic location of your choice.

Market retail insights

  • 92% of consumers prefer to do their shopping in a physical shop*
  • 66% of consumers feel closer to a brand that communicates in the shop*
  • 46% of consumers consider communication at the point of sale to be the most useful*
*LISTEN "Consumers' perception of promotion" 2017

Why choose for Vision Totem?

Positive contribution to an ecological footprint: less waste of cardboard