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Shelf Divider

Draw the attention of the consumer at the beginning of the aisle

A SHELF DIVIDER is a long hanging banner placed along your product range. Your brand will gain in-store visibility with our on-shelf communication solution. Since the shelf divider (kakemono) is perpendicular to the shelf, it is very eye-catching and dominates the aisle from the beginning. It increases the stopping power and improves your brand image. This in-store marketing tool brings your range of products into the spotlight. Advertising in front of your facing is the final opportunity to seduce consumers, more commonly known as last metre communication. 

A shelf divider campaign can be used to communicate about: new products, promotions, new packaging, reductions …

Market retail insights

  • Up to 85% sales uplift (value) for a new product with a shelf divider campaign*
  • 66% of consumers feel closer to a brand that communicates in the shop**
  • 46% of consumers consider communication at the point of sale to be the most useful**

*Nielsen 2016 – beauty care one new product “In-store Promotion Impact"
**LISTEN "Consumers’ perception of promotion" 2017



Large area of communication
Increase in-store visibility of your products along the entire aisle
Highlight your products on the shelf
Image and brand building
Position your offer and brand on the shelf
Last opportunity to seduce consumers and tell them your brand story
Coverage: Belgium and Luxembourg
FMCG retailers (food and non-food)