in-store communication, tailor-made solution


The creative Shelf team at your service

All our in-store on-shelf communication products can be creatively adapted. Such tailor-made communication tools improve the in-store experience and try to provoke a more emotional response. Great opportunity to seduce the consumer and tell them your brand story. Our creative teams will come up with the best solutions, so your (future) consumers will have the most amazing customer experience. 

Market retail insights

  • 1 out of 2 customers is influenced by in-store communication, signage and animation at the POS*
  • 66% of consumers feel closer to a brand that communicates in the shop**
  • 46% of consumers consider communication at the point of sale to be the most useful**

*POPAI 2015
**LISTEN "Consumers’ perception of promotion" 2017

Why Tailor-Made?

Gives consumers an in-store customer experience
Triggers an emotional response from consumers
This on-shelf communication product can be customised, tailor-made to your needs
FMCG retailers (food and non-food)
Coverage: Belgium and Luxembourg