In-store & Online activation to increase volumes

Cashback solutions are an easy way to attract new customers and to keep in touch with them. They can try and discover your product for free or with a substantial refund. Your Cashback is 100% secure and based on real in-store purchases. Use WhatsApp for easy refund in just 1 click.

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Up to 30% sales uplift


  • Impulse & brand switching
  • Sampling with purchase guaranteed
  • All-in concept
  • URL & QR code
  • Opt-in management form
  • In-store activation

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Cashback campaigns are marketing promotions where consumers receive a percentage of the purchase amount back as cash rewards after completing a qualifying transaction with a participating retailer or brand.

Cashback campaigns offer consumers the opportunity to earn money back on their purchases, effectively reducing the overall cost of their transactions. It provides an incentive for consumers to shop and encourages repeat purchases.

In cashback campaigns, consumers make purchases as they normally would, either online or in-store, at participating retailers. After completing the purchase, consumers submit proof of purchase or activate the cashback offer through a designated platform or app to receive their cash rewards.

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