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In-store remodelling

Total makeover of your shelf or shop

REMODELLING is rearranging your shelf or total category according to new planograms. We remove your old products from the range, add your new ones, check the prices and make sure the retailer is satisfied with the job.  

Shelf Service teams visit over 1,500 POS per week and have a special relationship with the in-store department managers. We provide a quick process and a lot of flexibility for your assignments. 

Market insights

  • 74% of shops are not visited by a sales force*
  • 25 years of field marketing experience provided by Shelf Service
  • 120 specialised merchandisers at your service!

*Shopper Marketing Congress 2017 “Retour aux fondamentaux” by StoreCheck

Why choose our team?

Dedicated teams – the right merchandiser on the right job
All-in service from briefing to reporting
Logistics storage – 6,500m² of secure storage space
Critical mass – 120 people for 1,500 shops
Cost optimisation – costs are split over several campaigns
Flexibility and versatility of the teams
Management, monitoring and automated reporting