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Operational Merchandising

Give your product the place it deserves on the shelf

OPERATIONAL MERCHANDISING is the placement of POS material (POS display) to increase your visibility at the POS – your sales will obviously follow the flow! Arches, totems, wooden pallet covers, displays, permanent furniture, posters, stand buildings, experience zones, signage, second placement materials, promotional zones and floor stickers are among the many solutions we can provide and install. The quality of the installation and product presentation contributes to the sales uplift and image of your product. 

Operational merchandising, also known as field marketing, will increase brand awareness, strengthen the customer experience around your product and attract new consumers. The Shelf Service teams visit over 1,500 POS per week and have a special relationship with the in-store department managers. We provide a quick process and a lot of flexibility for your assignments. We guarantee to take care of your POS material (storage and handling). 

Market insights

  • 66% of consumers feel closer to a brand that communicates in-store*
  • 25 years of experience in field marketing
  • 120 specialised merchandisers at your service!

*LISTEN "Consumers’ perception of promotion" 2017

Why choose our team?

Dedicated teams – the right merchandiser on the right job
Logistics storage – 6,500m² of secure storage space
Cost optimisation – costs are split over several campaigns
Management, monitoring and automated reporting
All-in service from briefing to reporting
Critical mass – 120 people for 1,500 shops
Flexibility and versatility of the teams