infopoint shelf screen, digital signage in-store


Add a screen next to your product and create more buzz

Digital signage solutions are becoming increasingly popular in stores because their content informs and entertains customers and supports them in their purchase. Your message will be standing out more, grabbing the attention of potential customers. Digital signage offers endless possibilities but only if the content is carefully selected.

Our screens can be integrated in more than 800 POS within Belgium. Campaign duration: minimum 2 weeks.


Market retail insights

  • >83% of viewers remember the message seen on screens*
  • 34% enhanced customer loyalty*
  • 44% improved brand identity and image*

Why choose for Vision Screen?

Make your display recognizable by its own corporate look & feel
Get the attention and entertain with animations and videos
Digital signage enhances your customer's experience with your brand and products
Increased in-store sales
More consumer engagement
An enhanced customer experience and better brand awareness