sampling on location, network sampling, contextual sampling

Network Sampling

Imagine your network and we will build it

Offering consumers a sample is the best way to let them discover your product. Reach the right people, at the right time and in the right place with our network sampling solution. We segment the market according to your needs (creative think tank) and you will have exclusivity within the network for Shelf Service.

Providing a sample to an unknown customer will strengthen their experience around your product and build a positive brand image! Our teams of project leaders and supervisors coordinate all your actions – from briefing to reporting. We propose 5 activity sectors: Fashion, Food, Sports/Leisure, Wellness, Retail Service.

Market Insights

  • 72% of consumers adopt a product after they have tried it*
  • 3,000 visited shops to deliver the samples in 2018
  • >435,000 samples distributed by Shelf Service in 2018

*LISTEN "Consumers’ perception of promotion" 2017


Why use sampling with us? 

All types of samples (cold chain, fragile, weight, etc.)
Right place, right people and right time!
Critical mass management
Let consumers discover your product 
Generate traffic to the POS
Build your brand image
Introduce a new product 
Present new packaging 

We propose 5 activity sectors


clothes shops, shoe/leather goods shops, lingerie shops, etc.


bakeries, butchers, delis, grocery shops and fish mongers.


gyms, football clubs, toy shops, sports, playgrounds, etc. 


hairdressers, perfume shops, beauty salons, etc.  


domestic services/ironing services, crèches, Q-Team garages, florists, household electronics shops, dry-cleaning, etc.