shelf divider connected, nfc


Connect with shoppers and create a digital brand experience

Create an in-store digital interaction with shoppers by adding an additional NFC and QR tag to your SHELF DIVIDER campaign. Reach them in a personal, creative and digital way throughout the entire shopping journey and let them discover a unique user and brand experience.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that makes devices and physical objects "smart". NFC makes it possible to have a smartphone and a physical object "talk" with each other. For example, a SHELF DIVIDER can be provided with an NFC sticker in POS, which makes it possible to lead the consumer directly to your online content, action, recipe, competition or game in just one tap. The focus is always on connecting the consumer with a brand in order to build a strong consumer-brand relationship. 

A SHELF DIVIDER campaign equipped with an NFC tag can be used as an interaction and communication tool with consumers and can be integrated in more than 800 POS within Belgium. Campaign duration: 4 weeks

Market insights

  • 77% Belgians own a smartphone compared to total Belgian population *
  • >80% of smartphones in Belgium are equipped with NFC*
  • >40% of mobile users use their smartphone in-store*
*Source: Karott - Statbel - Digimedia 2018

Why shelf divider connect?

Creates a unique user and brand experience: connect with shoppers and interact with them
Creates more brand awareness and allows to build a stronger consumer-brand relationship
The NFC and QR tag allows you to work with dynamic content: video, gaming, promotion, recipe, scratch & win, AR, …
Highlight your products on the shelf
Reminder of your media campaign
Increases the in-store visibility of your products along the entire aisle
We can create and manage your dynamic content from A to Z