technical merchandising

Technical merchandising

Technical makeover of your shelf or shop

Our specialised team ensures that any technical merchandising or very complex projects are carried out as planned. Our Technical merchandisers have many skills, such as painting, electrical expertise, carpentry, construction,… The quality of the installation and product presentation contributes to the sales uplift and image of your product. 

Market insights

  • 25 years of field marketing experience provided by HighCo Shelf Service
  • 1 dedicated team consists of 4 specialised people
  • 1 field supervisor

Why choose our team?

Dedicated teams – the right merchandiser on the right job
All-in service from briefing to reporting
Logistical storage – 6,500m² of secure storage space
Skills – painting, electricity, construction, remodelling, carpentry,…
Coordination with suppliers
Orders and returns
Flexibility and versatility of the teams
Management, monitoring and automated reporting