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From anonymous to loyal customers in 1 click

ACTIV'ACTION gives you the opportunity to offer something (coupon, reduction, gift…) to your (future) consumer using a scratch and win system. This is how Activ’Action converts your anonymous consumers into detailed profiles and builds a CRM out of nothing. With this data, you will have lots of opportunities to reconnect with them later. Your consumer will dive into your brand universe while surfing on a custom-designed webpage. Activ’Action responds to the new GDPR requirements. 

Our platform gives you real-time conversion rates and reports. Today’s consumers want to receive value in return for loyalty, and our product gives you that key!

Market insights

  • 45% of consumers who win a voucher will buy that product in-store*
  • 18% average participation rate**
  • 100% winning cards

*Vanksen Agency – Performance of Drive to store strategies 2017
**HighCo reporting analysis 2017

Why Activ’Action?

Database and CRM growing
Traffic generation and sales uplift (voucher)
Communication support
Increase in social media followers (Facebook Likes, Twitter followers) and likes
Increase in app downloads
Re-marketing, viral marketing and omnichannel communication
All-in concept and “A la carte” service