Data Collecting Coca Cola

Data Collecting

Analyse your shop environment in detail

We conduct linear and competitive analysis. This will help your brand to know exactly how it is positioned on the market and on the shelf. We analyse prices, facings and promotions in-store. Our specialised team will give you all the data you need to improve your knowledge of the market. 

Market insights

  • 41% of products are frequently out of stock*
  • 60% of POS are not executed as planned*
  • 74% of shops are not visited by a sales force*

*Trade&Shopper Marketing Congress 2017 “Retour aux fondamentaux” by StoreCheck

Why choose our team?

Dedicated teams – the right merchandiser on the right job
Real-time reporting
All-in service from briefing to reporting
Flexibility and versatility of the teams
Management, monitoring and automated reporting